Gegen Erdogan in Berlin und Hamburg, in der Türkei und in Kurdistan kämpfen.

Haz/07 17:00
Aquarium (Skalitzer Str. 6)
Infoveranstaltung Mobilisierung gegen G20
Çarşamba, 7. Haziran 2017 - 19:00
Aquarium (Skalitzer Str. 6)

G20 Eylemleri / Erdoğan’a karşı Berlin’de ve Hamburg’da, Türkiye’de ve Kürdistan’da Mücadele

G20 Mobilisation / Fighting Erdogan in Berlin and Hamburg, in Turkey and Kurdistan

The fightback against oppression and dictatorship in Turkey will continue and intensify; internationalising the protest is a major part of the struggle.  Germany, with the largest commnity of Turkish-Kurdish people outside Turkey, plays a key role: the campaign for a referendum „NO/Hayir“, in Turkish and German, got a great response on the streets, in many languages; winning back pro-democratic majorities in cities like Istanbul, despite extensive campaign  manipulation and last-minute vote rigging (of 2million plus votes), brings new energies for the fightback. Many feel the negative role of the EU must be highlighted and exposed. Now the spotlight shifts to Hamburg in July, where the grotesque neoliberal alliance of the most powerful in this world – a colossal event involving , among others, Trump, Putin and, also at the table, Erdogan – requires the greatest possible mass protest, festival of resistance , and creative solidarity.

Come and join in!

The meeting will provide background to the struggle and point to ways that all can get involved.

HDK/HDP Berlin