Soli-Mexikaner against Trump

It's huge!

It's spicy. It causes a hangover. And it's THE shot on St. Pauli: the Mexikaner. About 30 years ago the red shot was invented in a bar close to the Reeperbahn. Since then many bars produce it on their own and it's the perfect match for the neighborhood: always a little different, diverse and a centre of resistance. Now the man that embodies racism and sexism more than anyone wants to visit Hamburg and St. Pauli. A man that wants to build a wall on the border to Mexico. In July it will go down: US-President Donald Trump is coming to Hamburg and St. Pauli for the G20-Summit. We will resist! We will take to the streets against the G20. With blockades, demonstrations and other creative actions Hamburgs citizens and guests from all over the world will show that another world, a world of solidarity, is possible. But resistance is expensive. Leaflets, posters, sound systems and the preparation ot the 2. Action Conference (8./9.04.) cost huge sums. However, the movement against G20 is now supported by many bars in St. Pauli and beyond. You can now buy Soli-Mexikaner in supportive bars participating in the campaign. The proceeds completely go to the protests against the G20-Summit. So the next time you're in a bar and somebody starts talking about Trump again, the response is very simple: “Two Soli-Mexikaner please!” Make Mexikaner great again!

Barkeepers of the world: Contact us!

You also want to sell Soli-Mexikaner and support us? Contact us ( You can mix the Mexikaner yourself and share the proceeds with us. You will be listed on our homepage in return and will receive stylish stickers for your Mexikaner bottles and posters for your bar/ venue.

Be an incredibly important part of the movement against the G20-Summit! Eternal gratitude is certain!

By the way: You can also contribute without drinking shots.

Donations account:

Adelante e.V.
IBAN: DE53430609671168858400
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
Please include the keyword “Soli-Mexikaner”.

(The donations are not tax-deductible and we cannot issue a receit)

List of participating bars:


- Backpackers St. Pauli
- Eldorado (St. Pauli)
- Ex-Sparr (St. Pauli)
- Feldstern (St. Pauli)
- In Exile (St. Pauli)
- Grilly Idol (St. Pauli)
- Jolly Roger (St. Pauli)
- Kogge (St. Pauli)
- Komet (St.Pauli)
- Knust (St. Pauli)
- Le Kaschemme (St. Pauli)
- meine kleinraumdisko* (St. Pauli)
- Menschenzoo (St. Pauli)
- Mexiko Straße Taqueria (St. Pauli)
- Otzentreff (St. Pauli)
- Shebeen (St. Pauli)
- Sorgenbrecher (St. Pauli)
- Tortuga Bar (St. Pauli)
- Zoo (St. Pauli)
- Yoko Mono (St. Pauli)
- Kleine Haie große Fische (St. Pauli)
- Landgang (St. Pauli)
- Hummel & Quiddje (St. Pauli)
- Washingtonbar (St. Pauli)
- John Lemon (Eimsbüttel)
- Fritz Bauch (Schanze)
- Lomo (Schanze)
- Galopper des Jahres (Schanze)
- Jolly Jumper (Schanze)
- Jim Burrito´s (Schanze)
- 10 and counting (Schanze)
- Aalhaus (Altona)
- Beat Boutique (Altona)
- El Brujito (Altona)
- Frappant e.V. (Altona)
- Gintonnerstag in der fux-Genossenschaft (Altona)
- Hafenbahnhof (Altona)
- Hafenklang (Altona)
- Monkeys Music Club (Altona)
- Treibeis (Altona)
- Peacetanbul auf Kampnagel (Winterhude)
- Gängeviertel (Neustadt)
- Pakalolo Bar (Wilhelmsburg)
- Turtur (Wilhelmsburg)


- Nebenan (Leipzig)
- Pirata Patata (Berlin)
- Kaffeehaus KuchenRausch (Berlin)
- Babel (Berlin)
- Thommyhaus (Berlin)
- Zum Franziskaner (Berlin)
- Filmrisz (Berlin)
- SO36 (Berlin)
- Köpi (Berlin)
- Meuterei (Berlin)
- 15. antirassistische Stadionfest „Der Ball ist bunt“ (Potsdam)
- Ultrash Festival (Potsdam)
- Soziale Zentrum Bochum
- Freibeuter (Bochum)
- Vogelhaus (Bocholt)
- AJZ Erfurt (Erfurt)
- Haifischbecken (Bremen)
- KUKOON (Bremen)
- Wessel's Hotel (Syke)
- Emil (Zittau)
- Weinbergkrug (Kassel)
- Feinstaub (Frankfurt)
- Tiefengrund (Frankfurt)
- Bernemer Fass (Frankfurt)
- Commando Pelikan (Veranstaltungsgruppe aus Frankfurt)
- Cafe Albatros (Frankfurt)
- The Racing House (Schaafheim)
- The Racing House (Rossdorf)
- Stern-eV (Aschaffenburg)
- Hannebambel (Aschaffenburg)
- Kulturkneipe Sabot (Wiesbaden)
- Hinterhof Kneipenabend (Düsseldorf)
- Babel (Münster)
- Cocktailbar Kajüte (Lippstadt)
- PintePoing (Hannover)
- Tableau Kulturcafé (Flensburg)
- Shooter Stars (Mönchengladbach)
- Scandale (Cottbus)
- Seitensprung (Cottbus)
- immer beer herzen (Stuttgart)
- Mögginger Adler (Radolfzell)
- arsch&friedrich (Nürnberg)
- Desi Kneipe (Nürnberg)
- Frieda Bar (Köln)
- ZwoEinz (Köln)
- Lotta (Köln) - ab Mai. Bis dahin: Kein Kölsch für Nazis
- Café Chaos (Köln)
- Kölschbar (Köln)
- Mexikölner (Köln)
- Re:Cologne - Kölner Studis gegen Rechts
- VEB Siegen
- Kurt & Komisch (Würzburg)
- beach38° (München)
- Adebar (Gunzhausen)
- FC St. Pauli Fanclub Traktor Trittau
- Subrosa (Kiel)
- Palenke (Kiel)
- Räucherei (Kiel)
- Medusa (Kiel)
- Speicher Husum
- Freiraum Itzehoe
- Utgard (Eckernförde)
- Lord Nelson (Borkum)
- Tikozigalpa (Wismar)
- Tonbande e.V. (Dortmund)
- IZARRO (Hannover)
- Kulturzentrum Faust (Hannover)
- Am langen Handock (Wuppertal)
- Bar der Korrekten (Dresden)
- Plus-Bar (Chemnitz)


- StPauli Minibar (Copenhagen/Denmark)
- The George Orwell Pub (Dundee/Scottland)
- Kuku (Vienna/Austria)
- Restaurant Sous le Pont (Bern/Switzerland)
- Rössli Bar & Bühne (Bern/Switzerland)
- Restaurant Schwarzer Engel (St.Gallen/Switzerland)
- Grabenhalle (St.Gallen/Switzerland)
- Kollektiv Hirscheneck (Basel/Switzerland)
- Hole in the Wall (Sliema/Malta)
- l'Octubre, Casal Independentista del Poblenou (Barcelona/Spain)
- Salé (Praque/Czech Rebublic)
- Maria Dolores (Guadalajara/Mexico)
- Radost Cafe (Chiang Mai/Thailand) - no joke!

Your local pub is not (yet) in the list? Then ask if they want to participate in the campaign and sent out a signal of solidary against the G20-Summit!

DIY Mexikaner recipe:

You want to contribute but don't know how to make Mexikaner?
Here is the original recipe from the Steppenwolf, the first bar to sell Mexikaner shots in St. Pauli in the 1980s.

The original recipe from the Steppenwolf:

1 bottle 0,7 l Korn (typical liquor in northern Germany, you can also take Vodka or Tequilla)
3 bottles 0,7l Tomato juice
1 bottle 0,5l Taki Taki (or Sangrita Pikant)
3cl Tabasco 1 spoon Pepper
1 small spoon Salt

Put into a big pot and mix.

Gives 4 bottles of Mexikaner. → Of course you can refine the Mexikaner by adding more ingredients like chilli powder or sugar